Services Offered by Ben Benavides and Hi-Def Rodeo

With the advancement of technology and the unending quest for a more interactive audience experience, we have added an LED video/scoreboard to the high quality audio equipment and music services already being provided.  Our screen is visible in full-bright sunlight and completely weatherproof.  We are proud to offer a 20'w x 15'h modular Daktronics screen -- currently the BIGGEST Daktronics board serving PRCA rodeos.  You can now give your audience the information they want like contestant names, home towns, scores and times.  Additionally, you can give your sponsors the visibility and recognition they want and deserve.
We are the only rodeo sound company to feature Technomad Enclosures, the industry standard when it comes to state-of-the-art, weatherproof, outdoor sound systems.  Over 25 years of experience gives us the opportunity to use music to enhance the action and energy in the arena, involve your crowd in the excitement and provide the right music for your clown or specialty acts.

We are the only video board company that staffs a complete four-man, professional camera crew.  Our crew has experience shooting extreme sports under all types of conditions.  We have the experience to handle the challenges a rodeo can offer like rain, direct sunlight, wind, dust and changing light conditions.  We are respectful of the crew that works behind the chutes, yet still bring you that adrenaline camera shot.

Hi Def Rodeo
PO Box 753935
Las Vegas, NV  89136-3935
(512) 581-1696 (Cell)

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